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When you work with C&S Knowledge, you can expect positive results. Here are some examples from our clients:

Industry: Transportation

Objective: Develop a set of consistent and effective messages to potential buyers of the company that will secure top dollar offers, including jobs for the entire current leadership team.

The company was an attractive acquisition target. None of the senior leaders had prior experience dealing with potential buyers with the exception of the CEO. Few had training on how to effectively communicate their value proposition in a formal business setting. Within days, the team had:

  • Agreement on key messages, including how to handle the Q & A sessions
  • Highly impactful and congruent scripts to describe their portions of the business
  • A set of language cues to request for and/or offer assistance to each other
  • An agreed upon method to assess the potential buyers

RESULTS: The top buyers, as identified by the investment banker and equity partner, made offers for both the company and the entire leadership team.

Industry: Information Technology

Objective: Improve morale and sales results for a recently re-organized and down-sized sales organization supporting half of Europe.

In a market that was growing 6-8%, quarterly sales growth results were 1-2%, indicating a clear loss of market share. Additionally, teamwork was more confrontational than collaborative, due in large part to a loss of trust from the recent changes. With top leadership cooperation and support, progress was possible using the C&S Change Leadership System. The outcomes included:

  • An integrated program solution supported at all levels and departments of the organization.
  • Significantly improved morale, with little to no additional budget expense.
  • Teams visibly offering help and support to each other.

RESULTS: One year later, quarterly sales results grew at 9%, 11%, and 13% in a market that remained at 6-8% growth. Market share was regained and morale was improved in all measurable categories.

Industry: Financial Services

Objective: Improve the interpersonal skills of key employees to retain unique talent in a very competitive market and expand the leader’s capacity to effectively deal with similar situations in the future.

There are jobs in every firm where the employees are frequently challenged and seldom welcomed; operations and internal auditing are just a couple of examples. The employees worked in such a situation and were creating excessive resistance based on their interpersonal relationship approach. The experienced leader had tried a number of approaches to no avail. If the situation continued unchanged, someone would lose their job. Outcomes included:

  • Personal coaching of the employees to create awareness of their impact on others.
  • Coaching of the leader to support the necessary behavioral changes the employees would be required to try.
  • Regular check points with the coach, client and leader to assess progress.

RESULTS: Within six months, key relationships had been mended to the extent the employees were garnering compliments and praise. Hiring and training replacement costs were completely avoided.

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Cheryl Jensen has worked with our organization for several years as executive coaches. During this period we have managed through some difficult situations, including making the best of the recent worldwide financial crises and ongoing organizational changes. The coaching engagements have helped us to improve the effectiveness of several key members of upper management. One engagement included a dramatic turn-around in a critical and highly skilled resource that allowed us to retain the individual. Being in financial services, we are very focused on ROI; I estimate that the coaching engagements have delivered well in excess of a 500% return.

The coaching results have been highly successful no matter the circumstance. If your organization is considering hiring executive coaches, look no farther.

Karen McBride, MBA, ORMP
Executive Vice-President, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Compliance Officer
Concentra Financial