Blue collar coaching – quantifiable value

We spoke to an operations director at a manufacturing plant yesterday…heavy manufacturing, real blue collar environment.  It’s an amazing story.  He has started using coaching with his floor leaders.  We asked what the impact was.  He told us of one man who was slated to be fired.  The guy yelled at other people and pushed them around.  He is now one of the top performers.  What changed?  When he was coached.  And through coaching by his manager he was able to transform his need for having people doing what he said…which led to all the yelling…to a passion for perfection and results.

Trust was modeled to him and trust is what he how offers the people who work under him.  It made him crazy at first..this idea of trusting people rather than telling them.  But he realized that even as his coach believed in the best from him, so he could believe in the best from those who work with him.  No more yelling.  Their production throughput continues to rise.

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