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Training alone does not equal learning. C&S Knowledge can help you integrate new concepts into your workplace and improve business results.

Workshops – half-day, full day or multi-day workshops that offer a variety of topics, including:

  • the business value of coaching.
  • understanding leadership styles and how they impact the organizational climate.
  • the competencies of an emotionally intelligent leader.
  • coaching skills for leaders.
  • how to expand coaching skills across your business.

Through effective facilitation and designed experiential learning, C&S Knowledge will help you envision a new future.


C&S Knowledge can be counted on to fulfill your employees’ learning needs with a wide variety of activities, discussions and seminars. Let us bring one of the following topics to your meeting:

  • Leader as Coach – this practical session combines learning and practicing the basic skills of coaching for leaders. It includes discussions about the definitions and responsibilities of coaching, followed by instructions on how to link coaching’s value to business results.
  • Creating Gender Intelligence for Better Results– in today’s business environment, half or more of the workforce is female. This topic is designed to help everyone become more “gender intelligent” through awareness and exploration of how gender differences manifest themselves in the business environment. Learn the simple changes that create a more productive workplace.
  • Sustainability in Leadership – explore and practice new ways of viewing yourself and your role to build a cycle of renewal, for yourself, your firm and your world to avoid burnout. Learn how to model sustainability to have a positive impact on both you and your business.
  • Responsive Leadership – learn to turn a difficult situation (or a difficult colleague) into a productive and positive experience. Discuss what employees want most, explore the impact of choices made by leaders and experience how challenging people can become allies.
  • The Art and Science of Leadership – learn how to become a better leader by exploring a variety of topics, including emotional intelligence; the six most common leadership styles; how to create a positive organizational climate; and how to create a plan to broaden your leadership range.

TAKE YOUR BRAIN TO LUNCH—Focusing on Women’s Business Topics. (Read more…)

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Many in the business world talk about the importance of talent and leadership development. However, very few understand what it really takes to develop, commit to, and execute a measurable, impactful, and sustainable leadership development program.

Cheryl is one of a very few individuals in the business today who not only “gets” leadership development, she makes it happen!

I would have Cheryl and Sara on my team any day to help develop new business leaders for the future; that’s why we continue to work together today.

Adel Al-Saleh, President
IMS Health, Europe-Middle East-Asia
Former Vice President Sales, Northeast Europe, IBM Corp.

You would expect the enthusiasm to be high immediately after such an enlightening and upbeat workshop. But to be witnessing the same enthusiasm a week later says a lot about the messages and the impact it had on our staff. In some cases you confirmed what we already knew. Management styles can conflict unless you know what makes the other person “tick.” We all have a better understanding of differences and we can use this understanding now to guide us.

Jack M. Coffey, Jr. Chief Operations Officer
Your Federal Credit Union, Dallas TX