Change Leadership


Leadership behaviors can be learned. C&S Knowledge offers customized programs for top talent, women in leadership, and future leaders to help them create a positive, energizing and engaging organizational environment. Good leaders attract and retain the best talent available, develop future leaders and produce better bottom line business results.

C&S Knowledge helps leaders:

  • Create a viable vision for the future.
  • Become an effective communicator.
  • Improve judgment and decision-making.
  • Enhance lateral thinking skills.
  • Balance critical business success with a meaningful life.


Are you ready for change at your company? Change happens over time . . .  not overnight! With C&S Knowledge, you can lead change rather than simply endure it.

We offer customized services to help you and your company survive change and close performance gaps, including:

  • Interviews with employees at various business levels to create a candid business profile.
  • Identification of root causes and organizational change agents.
  • Assistance in integrating required changes at all business levels.
  • Launch and implementation of self-sustaining changes.
  • Creation of appropriate benchmarks to measure speed and effectiveness of change.

We help you create a vision for change and then design an individual plan that works. C&S Knowledge Company will help you move towards the future you desire!

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More than once C&S Knowledge threw us a lifeline. At key points in our three years of developing a revolutionary software package for dentistry, we faced mental blocks, roadblocks, or critical choices. Sara and Cheryl helped us clarify our thinking, focused us on what we needed to do, and offered perceptive insight.

I am impressed at how they can view the world through our eyes while maintaining an objective perspective. They bring a career’s worth of corporate experience. With knowledge tempered by actual doing, their counsel always moved us forward.

Tom Cockrell, CEO
Worthwhile, Inc.
Founder, Dental Symphony Software Solutions

A portfolio company was at the crossroads. Being a seven-year old “personality-driven” regional company, intending to become nationally dominant in its space, it would either transition into a professionally managed and operated company, or it would likely fade away. The consulting and coaching of C&S brought clarity and understanding of the implications of the needed change (including the impact of culture and deeply entrenched personal relationships) to the existing team, as well as to new management as they were brought aboard. The result was a rapid transition of mindset and operational procedures, which provided the platform for the launch of the national expansion now underway.

Charles F. May, Founder and Principal
EXPpartners, Dallas TX