C&S Knowledge Extended Team

To enhance the work that we do, C&S Knowledge brings in our valued partners:

i2ilogoi2i is an England-based international provider of a wide range of Sales Force Transformation services including consultancy, facilitation, training and coaching, which when successfully implemented, imbed the necessary long-term behavior change required to achieve desired business results.

Our partnership is built upon a network of business professionals with proven expertise in leadership, management and sales. We have a global network of practitioners with decades of experience and we bring a track record of working successfully alongside leading brand global organizations.


the price group logoThe Price Group is a leading authority on true leader strategies-defined in the breakthrough internationally published book True Leaders, authored by our founder, Bette Price. Our work is based on the belief that in order for a company to maximize its potential it is important to develop its strategies based on the company’s core values. All Price Group consulting builds from these core values. Using highly validated assessment tools, core leadership team values are identified and used as the foundation from which all marketing, sales and leadership development, and hiring and work is done.

We believe that the best way to augment your company’s expertise is to challenge your thinking, identify challenges, and match that with seasoned experts who can bring fresh thinking and strategies to your organization in a collaborative quest for resolutions and new growth. To accomplish this, we have affiliated with national experts who are aligned with our True Leader philosophies.